Welcome to the new Za-Ga-Zig website

Za-Ga-Zig Website Homepage
We’ve spent months designing the new site in close consultation with our visitors. We carried out in-depth interviews with Shriners and regular visitors to understand the limitations of the original website. Visitors to the old website told us that information wasn’t easily accessible and that the site was too busy. It was frustrating trying to find the information they really needed. There were several different kinds of users with a clear task in mind – visitors looking for events and donations, and Shriners looking for information about the Temple. We kept these two distinct crowds in mind, and made changes that will impact the social presence in a very dramatic way. Our aim is to make the site as user-friendly as possible by creating a new look and structure that encourages visitors and Shriners alike. The Za-Ga-Zig website has a lot of important information, and we’ve done our very best to get this site ready for launch. However, if you should spot anything that needs some finishing touches, please let us know using our quick contact form. The staff at BrainCheese would like to extend a heartfelt thanks to the wonderful group of Shriners at The Za-Ga-Zig Temple. They’re an incredible group of individuals pulling together to do important things for our community. Our hats are off to all you do!